Sometimes it is hard to imagine where I would be if not for myself, I mean, if we don’t have ourselves who do we actually have? Picture this, you are on an island with no one else around, but yourself, what do you have? Of course, you have yourself, it is that easy.  Who are we if we don’t have ourselves? The minute we are born many of our traits and characteristics are in us, in addition to the environment we live in will change and shape us to who we will become.

What happens to many people is they tend to lose themselves for many reasons which would explain all the problems and crazy things that people seem to do.

Deep in thoughtThat guy who decided to push someone onto the tracks when the subway is barreling into the station or the woman who is waiting on line at the local fast food place suddenly decides to push her way to the front of the line while screaming obscenities. These are just some examples of crazy behaviors that we see all the time.

What makes people do the things they do? Well, it could be one of many reasons, depression, anxiety, anger management issues, drugs legal or illegal, losing a job or a loved one, the list is endless. However let’s get real, the one that should be held responsible for all their actions is the person doing them and that is YOU, ourselves.

What is wrong today is no one takes responsibility for their actions, people are way too quick to point fingers and blame something else. So many of us do not look at ourselves but to others when something is wrong. Come on people, get a hold of yourselves, you must not let yourself fall into this trap. You are your best friend, the one who knows you the best, the one that’s been with you all of your life.

I know that on many occasions I talk to myself, it helps me think things out, hey look there is nothing wrong with that, in fact, some of the most successful people suggest reading or thinking out loud as opposed to reading or having thoughts in your mind because you will have a clearer understanding of what you want as well as catching any mistakes that may exist. Go ahead try it sometimes but make sure that no one is around, you don’t want people to think you are off the wall.Concerned

Many therapists suggest screaming therapy where you are in a room and you let all your emotions out by screaming and yelling, it has been successful for many. So if you feel like you may be losing yourself, take a step back, relax, take a deep breath and SCREAM your head off! Do it until you have nothing to scream about or till you just run out of steam. You will notice that you are feeling better and less tense, imagine if more people took their anger or aggressions out this way there would be a lot less crap in the world.

I think it’s best to end this here before we lose ourselves but before I go remember never, never lose who you are or yourself because if you do you will not be able to find yourself.



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Inside This Cabin

It’s morning once again, my eyes are sticky and heavy,  it feels like I have been sleeping forever, but I haven’t. Slowly I get up stretching my arms, rubbing the crust off from my eyes as I look around realizing this is not a dream, I am not home this is not my home “where am I.”   I’m not exactly sure where I am or how long I have been here. I’ve tried going outside but the doors, as well as the windows, are locked, at the moment there doesn’t seem to be a way out of here. I am thinking to myself “why am I here?”

image from pexels.com

Every morning when I wake up I look around the room seeing how dirty and awful this place really is, it’s an old cabin out in the woods that hasn’t been used in a while.  The room is sparse with only a bed, a small wooden table, a chair, small refrigerator, a dirty sink, a bunch of knick-knacks around the room, a toilet, (thank god) and a small shower stall with an old bar of soap.

I walk over to the gated windows to take a look and see that I am in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods and trees, there doesn’t seem to be any other cabins or people around. Not sure what day of the week it is, I reach over to my jacket to get my cell phone but realize the battery is dead, plus I am sure getting a signal out here would have been difficult.  Except for some old magazines, there is nothing for me to do here, no TV, radio, and no internet, that in itself is a crime if you know what I mean. All I can do is eat, sleep and wonder when and how am I going to get out of here.

image by cheriedurbin

I feel tired, weak, and hungry, there are a few things to eat such as bread, peanut butter, and crackers along with some soda, but after a while that is not enough. It’s weird that I haven’t seen anyone come in but I think someone has I just feel it.  It has to be during the night while I am sleeping, which is weird since I am not a heavy sleeper, I would be able to hear someone come in, strange, really strange.

I am thankful there is electricity that I can turn on the small lamp which is on the table. I have to admit I am starting to go stir crazy or close to crazy as anyone can get.

How did I get here? The last thing I remember is having drinks with a cousin of mine that I haven’t seen in years we were out eating, drinking and reminiscing, at some point, I went to the men’s room came back to finish my drink talked some more and that is all I can remember.  He had contacted me last week and said he was coming here and wanted to see me and talk about some issues with the family.  I did find his coming here a bit odd since he is cheap and the airfare would be an expense for him.

We were talking about stuff that was going on back home and how messed up things can get. My cousin had spent time living with us here in the States a long time ago. In fact, my parents helped him find a place to live in our building which was great because I never had a brother and it was nice having someone around close to my age.

image from kaboompics.com

Sitting on this dirty old chair, lighting another cigarette, I’m thinking who brought me here and how did they do it. I refuse to think that my cousin would do this to me, after all, we were like brothers, got along just fine, loved to listen and talk about music, could it be possible?  Sure we haven’t seen each other in 15 years but we kept in contact by email and Skype. What reason would he have to do this?

There is no explanation that I can think of that anyone would do this to me, I am not wealthy nor famous and I get along with everyone. But the more I am thinking I am starting to wonder if my cousin had something to do with this since the last thing I remember was being with him, but why?

image by katiegordner13

At that moment I hear a rustling of the leaves, footsteps, I hear sounds, sensing that someone or something is outside coming towards the cabin, but what? I carefully try to look from the window but I do not see anything but I can still hear it. Please let it be someone to save me.

To be continued…

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Supermarket Rant

Supermarket Rants


image by Jusben

The supermarket has been around for decades serving local communities by selling pretty much everything one would need for their home. For many it’s not only a place to shop but perhaps running into friends or people that you may know in passing from the neighborhood.


So many of them today are big and shiny where everything looks clean and inviting, yeah,  I know what you are thinking, you want to say “not my supermarket”, right? Ok, there may be some places where your local supermarket may be a little run down, dirty and well, let’s just say you probably won’t go to their salad bar for lunch anytime soon.

Even if that was the case you can still buy whatever your heart craves or whatever you can afford to buy these days. Has anyone else noticed how the packages have been shrinking while the prices are going up? It’s like getting mugged twice, once where the mugger takes your wallet and then comes back to take your shoes. Every time you turn around, meat, fish, dairy, all have gone way up not to mention how much poultry costs these days I mean don’t we have enough chickens to go around?


Image by WalterWhite

One of my pet peeves is when supermarkets make you cut out coupons from their weekly circulars to get a discount on certain items on sale for that week. I don’t know about you, but I don’t carry a pair of scissors with me when I leave the house. So here we are checking off our shopping list in one hand, looking at the circular with our other hand, find the product that’s on sale, and carefully tear it, without messing up the bar code, because if you do, you will have to do all over again.

So here we are checking off our shopping list in one hand, looking at the circular with our other hand, find the product that’s on sale, and carefully tear it, without messing up the bar code, because if you do, you will have to do all over again.

On top of that with some supermarkets, you have to spend a minimum amount usually $25.00 or so to get that discount. Now I know why supermarkets do this, they want you to come into the store and buy a sale item to spend more than what you wanted, I get it, but why waste our time, making us cut out coupons when we already have their card to get a discount on sale items?

Another negative in cutting the coupons from the circulars is all the paper that gets thrown around, in the store, in the shopping carts, which usually flies out onto the parking lots creating a mess, plus their so small that it is easy to lose, so when you are checking out, you can’t find the coupon to get the discount.


image by Jusben

The other thing that is extremely annoying is when people either just don’t read or don’t care that they have a ton of groceries in their cart and they’re on the express checkout line. Meanwhile, here I am with only 3 things in my hand and I have to wait, it’s like being behind someone in the left lane on two-lane highway, driving slow with no one in front, and they don’t have the common sense to move back to the right lane, so you’re stuck, behind them, like turtles on a road with no place to go, ugh!

Or when you can hear someone’s plan for the weekend as they are speaking so loud on the phone that you feel part of the conversation, not feeling that as well.

Well, I think that covers all of it for today, don’t want to lose any of you as I would like to see you come back, anyway have to go out and get some groceries, guess where I’m going? See you there.

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Would You, Should You… Will You?

People always seem to talk about the good old days, where everyone was friendly, caring and took the time to help those in need. Way back in a time where people would pick up hitchhikers on the road because they wanted to help, you would see them standing on the road, or on a street corner with a thumb up in the air. Yes, it was still dangerous but there were a few who never thought twice about stopping and picking them up.

societyToday there are many reasons why you wouldn’t do that anymore, for one, we live in a time where people are more desperate these days being unemployed, no money, broken families, stress, but probably one of the most important reason is you as a driver do not want to put yourself in a position where the person you picked up may decide to start yelling “help, help, I am being kidnapped” or they may have a gun and just maybe they have enough drugs on them to put both of you behind bars.

This is the world we live in today, society, people and the acceptance of how things should be have changed. How quick are you to stop and help someone?  

You’re driving on a back road because of the scenery, all is fine, the weather is nice, warm, sunny, you’re listening to your favorite station, when all of a sudden you see a car crashed into a ditch on its side, you lower the radio to hear someone screaming “help me I can’t get out!”. For a split second, you had to make a choice, should you stop and help this person, or just drive on, because it was not your problem. You knew what the right thing to do was, but yet, knowing how society has become, you had to stop and think. In the end, you decide to do the right thing and help this person because you would want someone to do the same for you and your family. highway

The first thing you do is call 911 because the person trapped in the car was unable to reach their cell phone, but in the meantime, he was screaming that he wanted to get out of the car as his head and neck were pressed against the steering wheel while his arms were behind him unable to move.

With a lot of effort and sweat, you were able to slowly get him out of the car and lay him down on the side of the road. After an hour of waiting for the ambulance it finally arrived, as he was being wheeled in he put his arm on you to say “thank you so much for helping me”.

What transpired afterward is exactly why people think long and hard before they are willing to help anyone.  Two weeks later you receive a letter from the accident victims attorney stating when you pulled him out of the car you caused severe damage to his spine. WHAT? Crazy, and yet not totally surprising. I wonder how you will react the next time you are in a similar situation.

Let’s say Tom is out walking during his lunch when he sees someone snatch a purse from a woman, he instantly runs after this person, catches up with him, leaps into the air throwing him to the ground. By this time the police are on the scene making an arrest, the woman is thanking Tom and the thief is yelling that his arm is broken. What do you think, will he decide to sue Tom for breaking his arm? Perhaps,city streets

Briana has 2 kids who happen to be twins, their class is having a bake sale, she decides to bake one of her family’s famous cookies. Everyone had a good time at the bake sale, they loved the cookies, money was raised for the school, except for Hillary, she claims her son ate Briana’s cookies and went into a bad seizure as he is allergic to eggs and milk.

Poor Briana, she was not aware that he was allergic to anything because his name was not on the list of students who had allergies. Yes, there were eggs inside the cookies, so now Briana has to deal with Hillary and a possible lawsuit, over a bunch of cookies. Oh, by the way, her son is ok and feeling fine without missing any school days.

There are many, many stories such as these, but what is important is to think the next time you are in a situation where you can either help and do something or will you just sit back and let someone else do it. This is what society has come to, “the” every man for himself mentality and blaming everyone else but yourself when something goes wrong. So, will you, decide to help?

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The Morning Bus Ride

I woke up to a dark thunderous rainy morning where the raindrops were falling hard and fast like a marching band banging on their drums. Even though I had another hour or so to sleep I decided to get up and start my day.  It would have been hard to sleep anyway with all that noise.

I did my usual morning routine, putting the TV and the coffee on while I shaved and took a shower. Being that I had extra time, I decided to make myself some eggs, toast and watch the news. There is something to be said for waking up early, it’s nice not having to rush and relax a bit which is something that I can’t do often. Rain

With my raincoat and umbrella in hand out I went out into the pouring rain. I already knew by listening to the news that some of the subway lines that I take were suspended due to flooding so I had to take the bus, no taxis for me too expensive for my blood. It was going to be a long commute for sure.  I live on the upper east side of New York City and I had to go down to 14th St.

The bus stop was crowded with people all huddled together waiting for the bus under the enclosed area. After watching a few buses drive by with no room, one was finally going to stop with standing room only. Thankfully I was able to get in and find a place to stand and I was on my way. It’s amazing how one gets to know a little about the lives of others in a crowded situation such as this bus.

For example, in front of me, there were these teen girls, talking about how their parents are terrible because they don’t like the boyfriends they were dating. How this one is too old for you and the other comes from a bad family. They go on to explain how they cover for each other in order to sneak out and see their boyfriends. I wonder if I was like that at their age or if my kids will do the same to me.bus driver

Close to me was this man who looked and smelled like he hadn’t seen a shower in weeks, boy, that was tough, the smell was like an old pair of smelly socks filled with moldy cheese. Getting a whiff of him was just too much to take, in fact, if we were outside there probably would be buzzards circling around him.  Each time the bus stopped I was praying for him to get off.  Guess what? He’s still on the bus!

Further down in the bus there were a couple of guys talking loudly about the upcoming election and politics.  One was saying how the president is this and that while the others were debating who would be a good candidate for the Republican party. Politics is one area I try to avoid. Why? Because it is a subject that people feel very strongly about and I have seen many friendships go bad because of it.

Thanks to the guy near me I learned what guys would like to do to girls as his headphones were just loud enough for me to hear one rap song after another. Sitting a few feet away from me was this young woman wearing religious garb with the head scarf and long skirt covering her legs looking nervously at these 2 men who were staring at her. She could hear them talking about how these people come to our country while hating us at the same time. I stopped to think for a moment how she would feel and whether or not the guys were right in how they felt. It’s a topic that always seems to come up, especially these days.

This was one morning I shouldn’t have left my headphones at home. I could have used them to tune out what was around me. The rudeness, the anger, the hopelessness that some people feel. the lack of consideration for those who talk loud as if we want to hear what they were saying. Or to the lady talking on her cell phone making plans for the upcoming weekend. Who cares whether she wants to go out with Bob to a concert or to a fancy expensive restaurant with Kevin. It’s not my concern, I don’t care.

rainy cityI can’t believe it but my stop is finally coming up. I move pushing and squeezing my way towards the back door. The door slowly opens as I get out into the pouring rain looking to open my umbrella, realizing that I must have dropped it while getting out of the bus. Not to my surprise, no one bothered to tell me, just great.

Well, I finally reached my destination getting out of that noisy, smelly bus and into the fresh rainy air only to get soaking wet, at this point, I don’t know which was worse.  Maybe I should have slept a little longer this morning. Oh well, I guess it’s just another morning commute in the city.

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The Wait

                                             The Wait

The clouds were moving in covering the sunny blue skies while the winds were starting to pick up as rain was slowly about to creep in.  Griffin was still a few blocks away from home so he started to walk faster trying to avoid the rain and getting drenched.

Having no umbrella and wearing his good suit, he definitely did not want to get soaked so he started to run through the streets jumping over the puddles he saw., although it really shouldn’t matter as his shirt was already covered in dirt and red stains.

The streets were not that crowded considering it was in the middle of the day, which was just fine for Griffin. One more block and he would be home as it started to sprinkle and get darker. He heard thunder and lightning nearby and you can tell it was going to pour.

rainWith keys in hand, he made it towards the building and into the lobby. He didn’t want to wait for the elevator so he took the stairs since it was only 3 flights up.

Once inside he threw his bag filled with papers onto the couch and rushed to close the windows that were left open. He took his jacket, his tie off along with his shirt and changed into his sweats.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way”, Griffin said as he started pacing back and forth in his bedroom. Walking towards the living room he picked up his cell phone looking for messages, “nothing, nothing” he yelled.  This wasn’t his first, but it seemed like Griffin was waiting for something important and hated the fact that he had no control over it.

Griffin looked around the room with his eyes gazing at the floor, mumbling words as he continued to pace. He walked over to the window looking down the street watching people going about their business

Griffin was anxious as well as being nervous, feeling a bit helpless at times. “What could I have done differently? ” he blurted out. He walked over to the bathroom turned on the water to wash the dirt from his face and hands. As he was drying his hands, his cell phone started to ring, dropping the towel to the floor he rushed over to answer the phone, but it was only a telemarketer trying to sell him something.

Over by the counter, there was a stack of bills staring at Griffin, some of which read “past due”. He went over to look at them up, took a handful in his hand, as he was going through them he just kept on shaking his head in disgust. How can a man who was well schooled, with a good background and a family to support, be in this situation, he thought?

At that moment, there were police sirens coming from the street, Griffin rushed to the window to see what was happening. There were flashing lights as they drove past the street with the sirens become harder to hear. There was no reason why he should be jumpy, but sometimes one cannot help being in a state of nervousness.

CoffeeHe wipes the sweat that was dripping from his forehead and heads towards the kitchen to have some coffee. As luck will have it there was just enough for one cup.

THE END          (Why was Griffin so worried?)

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“I Forgot”

  “I Forgot”

This was an idea that I had but was unable to figure where and how I wanted to go with it. I may re-visit this at another time because I like the possibilities. For now here are a couple of short-shorts to read. Hope you like them

cloudy sunI forgot”, the smell of freshly baked cookies flowing in the air while sitting in front of the TV watching my favorite shows. Mom, as usual, would be busy in the kitchen waiting to take them out of the oven. I could hardly wait to eat them. The way the chocolate melted and how the dough stretched as you bit into the cookie was so amazing.

I was pretty sure I could have at least two since dinner was still hours away and for dad to come home. I can hear the kids playing out on the street, the girls were jump roping while the guys were tossing around a football. The thought of missing those warm delicious cookies melting in my mouth was just too good to miss. So instead I looked at the window while they played and my nose was on the lookout for the cookies to be ready.

I forgot”, what it was like to get excited about that first date. There was always that energy, the excitement of being with someone new. You know the feeling, butterflies in your stomach, trying to plan the evening as to where to go and what to do. Oh, let’s not forget what to wear, yes that was a big one.

The nervous energy while driving to pick her up only fueled my anxiety. You have all sorts of things going through your mind; “what is she wearing, will she like what I am wearing, what does she like or dislike, what foods she eats, what are her tastes and so on”. Will there be chemistry between us? Will she smile at me or hold my hand when you say something sweet or funny. That warm feeling you get inside when things are going well. There is nothing like it. holding hands

We all have been there at some point in our lives, I hope. Whether you are a guy or a girl I am sure the feelings are the same for both perhaps they may be filled with different emotions and anxieties.

Can you remember what it felt like? I guess anything that is special or unique that you do for the first time has an intensity to it that you just can’t get the second time around. You may get other feelings but not like that.

“I forgot” what it was like watching TV without all those commercials, right? It’s one after the other, back to back to back. By the time, the show returns you already forgot what the heck you were watching.

How about those commercials for prescription medicines. You know the kind where it solves one problem, but it may create about 10 to 20 other problems. Don’t you just love the warnings, “this may create heart attacks, shortage of breath, harm your liver, your kidneys, even death” but hey don’t worry at least you won’t have any more gas pains!

The other types of commercials that are annoying are the ones from the attorney’s where they want you to sue anybody for anything that may have happened. It’s like, hurry don’t waste any more time, go and sue this one or that one before your time runs out. They say they care about you, “shouldn’t you get what you deserve,” (but hey let’s not forget to mention the fact that they will happily take at least a third of what you get).

Some of them even want to sue the makers of the very same prescriptions mentioned above because it may have attributed to some sort of illness. How ironic? The fact that you knew the possible side effects before you took them, I guess it doesn’t matter, does it?

“I forgot”  How much fun it was… Ohh, Damn! This time, I really forgot what the hell I forgot.

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The Night That Wasn’t

There was a howling in the air as the winds were swirling. It was not a night to be walking out in the woods, but Rye and Jack had no choice, their car had just broken down about a mile and a half away.

It was early Friday evening, with no special plans, they decided to go out for a drive. Rye wanted Jack to go up to the north side where the lake was.

Rye had heard stories about strange happenings that occurred around there which peaked his interest.

We have never driven there before,” Rye said, let’s check it out!

Strange happenings? Well, Jack wasn’t exactly sure what Rye had meant by that, but to a 17-year-old, it was enough to peak his curiosity. All was going great as they were heading up to the north side, with the windows down, music playing, driving through hills lined with tall trees and large rocks.

As they were driving all of a sudden the car was starting to run erratic, it didn’t have the energy it had earlier, but they continued to go on. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Jacks car had slowed down to crawl, eventually not running at all.  The car finally died out about 2 to 3 miles away from the lake.

Jack opened the hood to see what was going wrong but couldn’t find anything. The car was only 13 years old with over 95,000 miles on it. It was a gift from his dad who bought the car from an auction about 4 months ago. Realizing they wouldn’t be able to start the car they were pondering their next move when almost instantly they both yelled out “cell phones!”.

near the lake 2After several attempts, they finally realized they were not going to get a signal of any kind from where they were. So they locked all the doors took their personal belongings and started to walk, but which way?

Not being familiar with this area they weren’t sure which way they should go. While driving towards the lake area they didn’t remember seeing anything that they could go back to for help, so they decided to continue towards the lake, they felt confident that they would run into someone that could help them. Plus there was still enough daylight left for them to go back if needed, so off they went towards the lake.

Jack said to Rye “it was a good thing they both wore their sneakers” with all the rocks, hills, and mud lined grounds, it was easier for them to move around. They have been walking for a while now with no cars driving by or any people. Rye was starting to wonder why, as he always heard that teens would frequent the area for drinking and partying, especially since it was Friday with the weekend just starting.

The winds were getting stronger with the trees shaking as they both were getting thirsty and tired. They stopped for a bit to finish whatever was left in their water bottles before they started their journey again. All they saw were trees, rocks, more trees, old empty beer cans, bottles were all along the road as they were walking through it.

With the clouds moving in it was getting darker sooner than they expected, with no ability to contact or find anyone for help, things were getting a little tense for both of them.  As Jack was walking along, he noticed something near the wooded area on the right side of the road. He went to get a closer look and noticed there were footprints, a set of small and large footprints, that looked that they were recently made. Jack yelled out “RYE! check this out!” Rye ran over and looked at Jack and said “holy crap” these look fresh”wooded area -dark

They both let their imaginations get the best of them as they remember watching many a movie about being stuck in the woods. Upon looking at the prints again something seemed a little off about them.

Yes, they looked like barefoot prints or perhaps some kind of footwear that would make prints like that; but why would anyone walk in the bare feet out here? Would they?

At this point, they both agreed to follow the prints because they were running out of options. So off they went, following the footprints, hoping for the best.

Meanwhile, all the way, down the hill, near the entrance where Jack and Rye entered the area, a Jeep pulled over and a man got out. He was a local ranger who noticed that the sign prohibiting entrance to the area was missing. He looked around and found it behind the rocks, where branches had fallen over it.

He picked it up and moved it back to the entrance and hoped no one entered the area. He looked at his watch, he was running late, so he placed the sign back up, secured it to the best of his ability and drove off.


To be continued…

What happened to Jack and Rye in the woods?

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Poverty…What Poverty?

                                      Poverty, What Poverty?

Finally, the weather is starting to get warmer, the snow is all gone and the birds have started to chirp again. Yes, it has been one hard winter this year, bitter cold temperatures, snow, ice you name it we had it. For many of us, there was so much more to worry about than just the weather. Many Americans had to worry about where their next meal was coming from or when mom and dad will find a job, or paying this month’s rent and healthcare, yes healthcare, that’s a whole story in itself.  winter in america

But don’t worry everything is much better now, more jobs are out there, unemployment is going down, housing is picking up, spending has improved. The indicators show that we are on our way, that all is good, heck, let’s all throw a party?

If most us of were not living in it, we too would believe that all is well. This would not come as a shock to those who have been unemployed for a long time, yes for this group all is not rosy, why because the rate of unemployment for them is much higher now than it was a few years ago.

The irony is that those people who need to find a job the most are least likely to get one. I guess companies feel that they are worthless and unproductive and oh one of my favorite line is that “they may be out of touch with the business world”.  It must be a new disease, yes that is what it is, after all, who would want to hire someone that has “outofworkitis”, yuck who wants any part of that, right? poverty2

We should be happy, they say, all these new jobs are being created isn’t that great? Oh! one thing the indicators don’t point out is, most of those jobs are low-paying jobs. So let’s take Tom as an example he worked for a pharmaceutical company for 9 years making about $35.00 an hour, till he lost his job.

He was able to pay his bills, take care of his wife and 2 kids, all was good.  Well the jobs that are out there only pay around $12 to $17.00 an hour, which is something that most of us should be grateful for, but weren’t we taught if you work hard, do the right thing, you will succeed and do well? How is getting paid less than half the amount you were making an improvement?

Shouldn’t dedication, commitment, being on time and going to work every day count for something? Oh, I forgot what really counts is that the shareholders are happy, getting their nice big year-end bonuses and those CEO’s, presidents, managers, get their share, for laying off people and having 1 person do the job of 3 or 4. This is America, no! Wait, its “Corporate America in control and in charge”. poverty4

Evidence points to a very wide gap growing between the rich and the poor. The middle is slowly disappearing, just take a look at all the stores and companies that have closed in recent years. Many restaurants have also closed their doors, due to a lack of business.

This is not hard to figure out why, yes there are those companies that have hurt themselves by poor management, but the rest, went under because of the dwindling middle class that cannot afford to stay afloat, how can they go out and spend? I know from personal experience we do not spend or go out as much as before.

It’s sort of ironic that the same policies that many companies practice has come to bite them back. By continuing to bleed and reduce the workforce to save money and fill their pockets, the result has been the same people who would have gone out to eat, buy a TV, or redecorate are the same people that were laid off.

The best example of this is how well the high-end stores are doing, you know which ones, such as sales of luxury cars, or how homes and properties are being sold at incredibly high prices in certain parts of the country. It is a disgrace to see what is going on. To have people living off their savings if they have any, their 401’s, IRA’s etc. just to make ends meet, how fair is that?

Working hard all your life to save for tomorrow, not knowing that tomorrow has come much sooner than expected for many of us, is a shame and disgrace.  I truly hope at some point we can turn things around. I am afraid if we can’t there will be much more of us out on the streets without food and shelter. porverty2

Should we still consider ourselves the “United” States of America, when we are really not UNITED, because if we were this would not be happening to us? Isn’t time we stopped catering to the few and concentrate on the many?

More to come later…

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To The Dog Park

It has been almost a while now since we have had Chuckles in our family,what a great experience it has been for all of us. We bought Chuckles on a whim back in the fall of 2007, when she was about 3 months old.  A beautiful, shy, pure yellow lab, with the whitest coat with small touches of beige on her ears. molly

Our daughter was begging us to get her a dog for some time now, but it never seemed to be the right time and it probably wasn’t the right time when we decided to buy Chuckles, but we did.

Being that we never had a dog before it was both intimating and exciting at the same time. You know, you hear so many stories of dogs chewing this, tearing up that, going to the bathroom all over in the house and so on. I was hoping there wouldn’t be too many late night walks and that she would hurry and take care of business outside instead of doing her business inside the house.

It hasn’t been easy, but it has been all worth it. We could never have imagined how we could love a dog as much as we love her. Having her for all this time, we know her quirks, her habits and she knows ours, it’s an amazing thing to watch as it develops and grows.

On this Sunday morning, the weather was finally warming up with spring in full bloom with the hot days of summer just around the corner. My daughter suggested that we take Chuckles to the dog park which was a few towns over. It was situated in a park like setting with a separate fenced area for dogs to roam around. In fact, there were 2 enclosed areas one for small dogs the other for larger dogs.

Chuckles does not get a chance to run around much as we don’t have an enclosed backyard.  When we do take her out for a walk she gets too excited when she see’s people and especially dogs so you have to hold on to the lease. She gets happy and wants to say hi by barking and jumping with her tail going back and forth. So it was decided, a trip to the dog park was in store for today.

Our drive to the park was as usual for Chuckles, she whimpers, cries, just plain nervous, why you ask? It’s simple, she thinks we are going to drop her off somewhere or take her to the vet because on the ride back home she is always much calmer.

Once in the enclosed area, you have to remove the lease and the collar to avoid the dogs getting entangled with each other. Chuckles is a loner, she runs around for a while by herself, checking out her surroundings.  At first, she doesn’t play with the other dogs until a few of the other dogs start sniffing her which she doesn’t care for. DSC03957

The other thing that my daughter and I noticed, was some of the dog owners are just too full of themselves, it’s like their dogs are the greatest and perfect, which they’re not. There was this one dog that would not stop bothering Chuckles, he would jump on her, follow her, at times they would raise their paws which to me looks like they were fighting but according to the experts out there, they were just playing. As for me, I cannot tell the difference.

So this one dog who was aggressive continued to harass Chuckles, then we heard a loud yelp it was Chuckles she was bleeding from the mouth, both my daughter and I rushed over to her and pushed the other dog away from her. I had paper towels with a bottle of water and was cleaning her mouth, we didn’t know what happened, at first, we thought it might have been her tongue being ripped or worse, she looked so scared, with blood dripping.  This was the first time that she was hurt but thankfully it was only her gums that were bleeding.

The dog’s owner was explaining to us how she was surprised that happened because her dog has never done that before…yeah right!  While I was holding trying to stop the bleeding, the other dog kept coming towards Chuckles and wouldn’t go away, for a split second my instincts took over and I was going to kick the dog out of the way, but then I stopped and realized, “wait” “I said…I am at the dog park, I can’t kick this dog”. Imagine me kicking a dog at a dog park, how crazy would that have been.

We finally stopped the bleeding and by that time my daughter did not want to stay any longer. This ended our trip to the dog park. Both Chuckles, myself and my daughter had some kind of day at the dog park. Till next time.

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