Adara is Anxious – part 1


Adara was sitting out on the porch waiting for her aunt to call her for supper while her uncle Brad was in the shed putting his tools away after a day’s work.
You see Adara has been spending the summer with her uncle and aunt on their farm.
Her parents felt it would be good for Adara to get away and be outdoors, hoping to put last year behind her.

She is extremely anxious as summer is coming to an end. Adara is going into the 10th grade this coming fall. The past school year was not a good one for her.
Students bullied her and made fun of her for no reason. They told her she is ugly, fat, wore old clothes and that she was useless.

There were many days that she went home from school crying her eyes out, literally, a waterfall of tears would be streaming down her face. She could not understand why they would be so mean to her. depressed3

Adara is your average girl. She is about 5. 3 ft. tall, slightly overweight but not obese. Her hair is shoulder length, dark and wavy. She is a good student never in trouble, belongs to a poetry club, not good at sports, shy, not too talkative and has very few friends.

As she helps her aunt clean up after supper her thoughts are with the upcoming school year, wondering if anything will change or if it will remain the same.
Okay, right about now you may be wondering if her parents have gone to school officials to express their concerns how their daughter is being treated at school, right?

Well, they did reach out to the school, but as usual, the school was unable to provide them with any satisfactory solutions, other than the usual such as providing counseling for students who are bullied as well as talking to the students about the effects that bullying can cause and blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, the student who is being bullied
has their life turned upside down when in reality it should be a special time in their lives.

Adara says goodnight to her uncle and aunt and goes up to her room for the night, something she does a lot when she is at home. Adara does not socialize much
so her room is a place where she can relax and feel safe from the outside world, but is she? Social media, let me repeat Social Media. She reads what they say about her on these social sites.

Where in the past there may have been a couple of students who would do the bullying, now it is multiplied many times over. In addition, many of them hide their identities behind these sites while writing hurtful comments. In the last few years how many students have committed suicide because they could no longer handle the pain?

What a tragedy, imagine what these students have gone through to take their own lives.

Poor Adara, not only does she have to endure the verbal and sometimes physical abuse outside, but now she can see and feel the pain that social media delivers right inside
her home. It’s not so bad now, but she knows once school opens it will start all over again.

Adara is getting anxious.  School starts next week.

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