Hope? Why do some people have it and others don’t? Is it because some people were raised a certain way compared to others? Is it because some were deeply religious who went to their house of worship and it was instilled them to think that way? But then again there are many who are not religious and yet very hopeful on life.

Can one be hopeful and non-religious but be a positive person at the same time? Do the two go hand in hand or can they both stand separately on their own?

image - feeling hopefuly

Does one have to be positive to have hope or can one be a negative person and still have hope?  If you have hope does that mean you always think good things will happen or are you a skeptic waiting for the other shoe to drop? I respect and admire those who always look at the bright side, where nothing ever bothers them and they go off on their merry way.

On the other hand, there are people who always complain, worry and think that someone is always out to get them.  Another thing to consider, do good things happen to good people? Probably not I have seen many good people have bad things happen to them like having 20 in blackjack but the dealer gets 21, 4 times in a row. How screwed up is that?

Is it karma? Many people feel karma will eventually catch up to those who are not good but yet,  those same people are living large and having not a care in the world while others are struggling to get by waiting for their time to shine. What’s with karma?

image - looking for the light

Does having a lot of money give people hope as opposed to those who don’t have money? You would think that answer would be easy but look at all the miserable people out there who have money to burn and yet they are miserable, disenchanted, drinking, and doing drugs and even worse…suicide.

I have seen many people who are down on their luck but they are happy and hopeful believing that things will get better. Which brings us back to religion; because many of those same people are very religious and believe in God, so does religion play a part in having hope?

If so, does that mean atheists cannot have hope? Are there no atheists out there that have hope? Of course, they are and they do. However, it is an interesting question to ask.

image - brighter outlook

The rationale for figuring out why and how people tend to be hopeful while others are not cannot be determined by any one thing. Not by religion, race, and money, but instead the individual themselves. The way a person was raised, the environment the lived in, where they lived, what happens in their daily lives are just some of the things that will determine what hope means to them.

I am different and you are different, we could look at the same situation and come to different conclusions. For example, some of you may love this article while others will dislike it, but for this, I have hope that you will

That is all for now, keep believing in yourself because if you don’t no else may.