“I Forgot”

  “I Forgot”

This was an idea that I had but was unable to figure where and how I wanted to go with it. I may re-visit this at another time because I like the possibilities. For now here are a couple of short-shorts to read. Hope you like them

cloudy sunI forgot”, the smell of freshly baked cookies flowing in the air while sitting in front of the TV watching my favorite shows. Mom, as usual, would be busy in the kitchen waiting to take them out of the oven. I could hardly wait to eat them. The way the chocolate melted and how the dough stretched as you bit into the cookie was so amazing.

I was pretty sure I could have at least two since dinner was still hours away and for dad to come home. I can hear the kids playing out on the street, the girls were jump roping while the guys were tossing around a football. The thought of missing those warm delicious cookies melting in my mouth was just too good to miss. So instead I looked at the window while they played and my nose was on the lookout for the cookies to be ready.

I forgot”, what it was like to get excited about that first date. There was always that energy, the excitement of being with someone new. You know the feeling, butterflies in your stomach, trying to plan the evening as to where to go and what to do. Oh, let’s not forget what to wear, yes that was a big one.

The nervous energy while driving to pick her up only fueled my anxiety. You have all sorts of things going through your mind; “what is she wearing, will she like what I am wearing, what does she like or dislike, what foods she eats, what are her tastes and so on”. Will there be chemistry between us? Will she smile at me or hold my hand when you say something sweet or funny. That warm feeling you get inside when things are going well. There is nothing like it. holding hands

We all have been there at some point in our lives, I hope. Whether you are a guy or a girl I am sure the feelings are the same for both perhaps they may be filled with different emotions and anxieties.

Can you remember what it felt like? I guess anything that is special or unique that you do for the first time has an intensity to it that you just can’t get the second time around. You may get other feelings but not like that.

“I forgot” what it was like watching TV without all those commercials, right? It’s one after the other, back to back to back. By the time, the show returns you already forgot what the heck you were watching.

How about those commercials for prescription medicines. You know the kind where it solves one problem, but it may create about 10 to 20 other problems. Don’t you just love the warnings, “this may create heart attacks, shortage of breath, harm your liver, your kidneys, even death” but hey don’t worry at least you won’t have any more gas pains!

The other types of commercials that are annoying are the ones from the attorney’s where they want you to sue anybody for anything that may have happened. It’s like, hurry don’t waste any more time, go and sue this one or that one before your time runs out. They say they care about you, “shouldn’t you get what you deserve,” (but hey let’s not forget to mention the fact that they will happily take at least a third of what you get).

Some of them even want to sue the makers of the very same prescriptions mentioned above because it may have attributed to some sort of illness. How ironic? The fact that you knew the possible side effects before you took them, I guess it doesn’t matter, does it?

“I forgot”  How much fun it was… Ohh, Damn! This time, I really forgot what the hell I forgot.

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