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State of Affairs?

Isn’t amazing that we tend to follow people like a herd of cattle. We support candidates because of what party they belong too?  It is that kind of thinking that has brought us to the mess we are in. What a shame isn’t it?

Why align yourself with a person just because he or she is a Republican, a Democrat, a Liberal, a Conservative and so on? Why not vote for the person that will do the most for you? There are good and bad people in all parties and groups, although lately, it is extremely difficult to find the good.

For example take a look at what happened in New York. You had ex-Governor Spitzer running for Controller. You have ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner running for mayor. Both were disgraced out of office because they could not keep it inside their pants!  In fact, Mr. Weiner just recently had new issues with texting inappropriate images of his —-. What a joke!

Do we really want their hands in our pockets? Can they actually get elected? The sad truth is they could, and some have but thankfully both Mr. Weiner and Mr. Spitzer fell way short to be considered for nomination. Whew! Boy did we dodge a bullet!

Difficult Times:

For many of us, we tend to talk about the past because life today is just so difficult and the future for so many is uncertain. One could argue that every generation feels that life was harder for them when they were growing up, remember the so-called good old days.

Every era has its ups and downs, that is how life works, let us not forget the great depression, recessions and inflations and so on.  Somehow things eventually got better, but will it this time? There are signs that it may not be easy this time around. The biggest problem facing most of us are JOBS! There are not enough jobs to go around. Companies are not hiring and those that are lucky enough to be working are doing the jobs of 2 and sometimes 4 people.

Part time jobs, reduced hours, temporary jobs as consultants are the norm these days. Without jobs, how are people going to survive? Oh wait, maybe the government will take care of us, is that what this country was based on, more handouts and freebies?.

Passing Legislation For you and me:

legislation There are so many things that are being debated      every single day. When these decisions are made it    will affect us all in one way or another for many,        many years to come. Obama Care, balanced budget,  spending cuts, raising the retirement age, illegal        immigrants, cutting military aid, and on and on.

We as middle-class Americans are always asked to     sacrifice for the good of the country. But when is the middle class going to get their share of the pie? The rich always find a way to get ahead of the game. The poor have the government to help them with various programs. Now there is nothing wrong with that, accept, for many, it has become a lifestyle.

Which goes back to what I said earlier, if there no jobs, no opportunities and no ability to improve yourself what chance do we have?

Why Bother?

The unfortunate aspect of it all is we are just tired and fed up with our politicians, our leaders, companies, CEO’s,  our bosses, the list is endless. We just do not have the energy to keep fighting, many of us have given up we just do not care anymore. We are too busy trying to survive. The gap between the rich and the rest of us is growing at an alarming rate.

Why bother?  We say it will not matter in the end the result is always the same, the average American will get the short end of the stick. We are disgusted with corporations who always find loopholes to better themselves, the bosses who treat workers like crap because they can, the government because they have the power, and on and on.

The middle in middle-class is getting harder to find. How long will the middle-class have to carry the burden of keeping this country afloat before it disappears?

Why should we have to suffer because our politicians were and still are, wasting the money, they take from us with bad judgments and misguided policies? Every time we get paid (if we are lucky enough to have a job) they take more money for this and more for that. Most if not all politicians would rather pass the buck to the future generations instead of tackling the problem head on today.

However, I guess it all depends on your situation, some are in great financial shape while others are barely surviving.

Welcome to the New America!

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