The Wait

                                             The Wait

The clouds were moving in covering the sunny blue skies while the winds were starting to pick up as rain was slowly about to creep in.  Griffin was still a few blocks away from home so he started to walk faster trying to avoid the rain and getting drenched.

Having no umbrella and wearing his good suit, he definitely did not want to get soaked so he started to run through the streets jumping over the puddles he saw., although it really shouldn’t matter as his shirt was already covered in dirt and red stains.

The streets were not that crowded considering it was in the middle of the day, which was just fine for Griffin. One more block and he would be home as it started to sprinkle and get darker. He heard thunder and lightning nearby and you can tell it was going to pour.

rainWith keys in hand, he made it towards the building and into the lobby. He didn’t want to wait for the elevator so he took the stairs since it was only 3 flights up.

Once inside he threw his bag filled with papers onto the couch and rushed to close the windows that were left open. He took his jacket, his tie off along with his shirt and changed into his sweats.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way”, Griffin said as he started pacing back and forth in his bedroom. Walking towards the living room he picked up his cell phone looking for messages, “nothing, nothing” he yelled.  This wasn’t his first, but it seemed like Griffin was waiting for something important and hated the fact that he had no control over it.

Griffin looked around the room with his eyes gazing at the floor, mumbling words as he continued to pace. He walked over to the window looking down the street watching people going about their business

Griffin was anxious as well as being nervous, feeling a bit helpless at times. “What could I have done differently? ” he blurted out. He walked over to the bathroom turned on the water to wash the dirt from his face and hands. As he was drying his hands, his cell phone started to ring, dropping the towel to the floor he rushed over to answer the phone, but it was only a telemarketer trying to sell him something.

Over by the counter, there was a stack of bills staring at Griffin, some of which read “past due”. He went over to look at them up, took a handful in his hand, as he was going through them he just kept on shaking his head in disgust. How can a man who was well schooled, with a good background and a family to support, be in this situation, he thought?

At that moment, there were police sirens coming from the street, Griffin rushed to the window to see what was happening. There were flashing lights as they drove past the street with the sirens become harder to hear. There was no reason why he should be jumpy, but sometimes one cannot help being in a state of nervousness.

CoffeeHe wipes the sweat that was dripping from his forehead and heads towards the kitchen to have some coffee. As luck will have it there was just enough for one cup.

THE END          (Why was Griffin so worried?)

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