Would You, Should You… Will You?

People always seem to talk about the good old days, where everyone was friendly, caring and took the time to help those in need. Way back in a time where people would pick up hitchhikers on the road because they wanted to help, you would see them standing on the road, or on a street corner with a thumb up in the air. Yes, it was still dangerous but there were a few who never thought twice about stopping and picking them up.

societyToday there are many reasons why you wouldn’t do that anymore, for one, we live in a time where people are more desperate these days being unemployed, no money, broken families, stress, but probably one of the most important reason is you as a driver do not want to put yourself in a position where the person you picked up may decide to start yelling “help, help, I am being kidnapped” or they may have a gun and just maybe they have enough drugs on them to put both of you behind bars.

This is the world we live in today, society, people and the acceptance of how things should be have changed. How quick are you to stop and help someone?  

You’re driving on a back road because of the scenery, all is fine, the weather is nice, warm, sunny, you’re listening to your favorite station, when all of a sudden you see a car crashed into a ditch on its side, you lower the radio to hear someone screaming “help me I can’t get out!”. For a split second, you had to make a choice, should you stop and help this person, or just drive on, because it was not your problem. You knew what the right thing to do was, but yet, knowing how society has become, you had to stop and think. In the end, you decide to do the right thing and help this person because you would want someone to do the same for you and your family. highway

The first thing you do is call 911 because the person trapped in the car was unable to reach their cell phone, but in the meantime, he was screaming that he wanted to get out of the car as his head and neck were pressed against the steering wheel while his arms were behind him unable to move.

With a lot of effort and sweat, you were able to slowly get him out of the car and lay him down on the side of the road. After an hour of waiting for the ambulance it finally arrived, as he was being wheeled in he put his arm on you to say “thank you so much for helping me”.

What transpired afterward is exactly why people think long and hard before they are willing to help anyone.  Two weeks later you receive a letter from the accident victims attorney stating when you pulled him out of the car you caused severe damage to his spine. WHAT? Crazy, and yet not totally surprising. I wonder how you will react the next time you are in a similar situation.

Let’s say Tom is out walking during his lunch when he sees someone snatch a purse from a woman, he instantly runs after this person, catches up with him, leaps into the air throwing him to the ground. By this time the police are on the scene making an arrest, the woman is thanking Tom and the thief is yelling that his arm is broken. What do you think, will he decide to sue Tom for breaking his arm? Perhaps,city streets

Briana has 2 kids who happen to be twins, their class is having a bake sale, she decides to bake one of her family’s famous cookies. Everyone had a good time at the bake sale, they loved the cookies, money was raised for the school, except for Hillary, she claims her son ate Briana’s cookies and went into a bad seizure as he is allergic to eggs and milk.

Poor Briana, she was not aware that he was allergic to anything because his name was not on the list of students who had allergies. Yes, there were eggs inside the cookies, so now Briana has to deal with Hillary and a possible lawsuit, over a bunch of cookies. Oh, by the way, her son is ok and feeling fine without missing any school days.

There are many, many stories such as these, but what is important is to think the next time you are in a situation where you can either help and do something or will you just sit back and let someone else do it. This is what society has come to, “the” every man for himself mentality and blaming everyone else but yourself when something goes wrong. So, will you, decide to help?

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